Ray and Glen Adams

Bytown Bluegrass has released three albums. The first two were released as LP records and are only available as special order items directly from the band. The CD "Bytown Bluegrass - Volume III" may be purchased online via PayPal (click the Buy Now button) or ordered directly by contacting the band. Price is $20.00 Cdn including shipping. The CD may also be purchased at Compact Music in Ottawa at either location on Bank Street.

The most recent release (2006) was recorded by the current band members at Paugan Studios in Ottawa with production and engineering assistance from Howard Hayes. It includes selections from Canadian songwriters Gary Fjellgaard and Terry Carisse as well as traditional bluegrass favourites. Complete liner notes provide information on the song selections. The Adams brothers chose to retain their distinctive logo for the cover (with some updating), and included a photo of the Bytown Museum beside the locks at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa at the eastern end of the Rideau Canal -- the canal is celebrating 175 years of history in 2007.

Bytown Bluegrass performingThe album "Ralph Carlson and Bytown Bluegrass" was released in 1985, during the time that celebrated country singer Ralph Carlson was a member of the group. It was recorded at SNOCAN studios in Ottawa with production and engineering guidance from Ralph Carlson and Dave Dennison. Several guest artists contributed to this recording, including fiddler Bobby Lalonde and dobro specialist Don Hill. The album featured bluegrass versions of several songs more frequently associated with country music. The Adams Brothers had previously appeared on Carlson's 1977 album "Grass 'n Stuff" recorded when his band Country Mile was one of the most popular in Canada.

The first album release from Bytown Bluegrass came in 1980, following the success of the single "Casey's Last Ride" in 1979. By the time this LP was being recorded at SNOCAN studios in Ottawa, lead singer Jo-Ann Adams had decided to leave the band. Don Hill remained with the group on dobro, providing great lead and backup lines. Dave Whittles joined the band on upright bass, with his son Chris on lead vocals and mandolin instrumentation. Two cuts were included that featured Jo-Ann Adams: "Casey's Last Ride" and "My Favourite Memory".

Bytown Bluegrass Volume 1

Released 1980Bytown Bluegrass Volume 1 Cover
  1. Roust-a-bout
  2. The singer
  3. This heart of mine
  4. Broken lady
  5. You can share my blanket
  6. Bytown Ramble
  7. My favourite memory
  8. I ain't broke but I'm badly bent
  9. Turkey in the straw
  10. Goodnight sweetheart
  11. Rebels you rest
  12. I'm gonna settle down
  13. Open road
  14. Show me the way
  15. Casey's last ride

Ralph Carlson and Bytown Bluegrass

[SNOCAN WRC1 - 4056] Released 1985Ralph Carlson and Bytown Bluegrass Volume 2 Cover
  1. Two Little Boys [3:01]
  2. Carolina Star [3:07]
  3. Prayer Bells of Heaven [2:48]
  4. Swinging At The Cedars [3:05] Listen
  5. Crossties On The Railroad [3:50]
  6. Redwood Hill [2:54]
  7. Lost And I'll Never Find The Way [2:29]
  8. Lost River [3:38] Listen
  9. Bishop's Mill [2:50]
  10. Poet With Wings [2:50]
  11. Out Among The Stars [4:14]
  12. North Carolina [3:20]

Bytown Bluegrass Volume 3

Released 2006, featuring Neville Wells, Don O'Neill, Ray Adams, John Richard, and Glen Adams

Bytown Bluegrass Volume 3 Cover
  1. Mary Jane, Won't You Be Mine [1:57]
  2. Old Train [2:24] Listen
  3. Blue Hollow Road [3:35] Listen
  4. Heroes [3:11] Listen
  5. Longing For The Old Days [2:19]
  6. Teardrops Kiss The Morning Dew [3:22]
  7. Rocker Arm Reel [1:47]
  8. Train Of Dreams [3:35]
  9. Your Eyes Don't Lie To Me [2:01]
  10. Colleen Malone [3:24] Listen
  11. Just For Old Times Sake [2:30]
  12. Julie Ann [2:57]
  13. Sin City [3:08]
  14. Happy Sunny Side Of Life [3:31]


"… with Neville Wells and (Ray) Adams splitting the lead vocals, the band offers everything from a spirited take on Bill Monroe's Mary Jane Won't You be Mine to a surprising and successful bluegrass version of the late Terry Carisse's Your Eyes Don't Lie to Me."
- the Ottawa Citizen

"It's been 20 years since Vol. II, 25 years since Vol. I… but nothing comes more welcome than Vol. III from the Ottawa Valley bluegrass band, Bytown Bluegrass; remembered best for their late 70's hit recording Casey's Last Ride (from Vol. I), and the pickin' 'n singin' of the late Ralph Carlson (in Vol. II). … Vol. III does create a bit of a quandary for bluegrass music listeners… how long before Vol. IV ???"
- Country Music News